Hatched Holistic Preschool and Childcare

Our Program

Hatched Holistic Preschool is a state licensed childcare center serving children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old and their families and is conveniently located right next door to Hatched Democratic School. Inspired by the Montessori Method and the Reggio Emilia and Waldorf approach to early learning, we have designed a unique curriculum that allows for the natural child to unfold in a stimulating and comfortable environment. Our classrooms provide beautifully planned environments for the child’s essential development.

Montessori based work fosters the development of intellect, and refines social grace and courtesy through the use of carefully designed materials.

In a Reggio classroom, the environment acts as a “third teacher”. We will provide natural, recycled, and purposeful man-made materials with the intention that children will explore, create, share, and reflect from spontaneous learning through various materials in collaborative, project based work. The role of the adult is to provide a welcoming environment that encourages children to freely explore their world and to guide the children in taking ownership of their learning endeavors.

The Waldorf inspired classroom is intended to resemble a home, with tools and toys usually sourced from simple, open ended, natural materials that lend themselves to imaginative play. The use of natural materials has been widely praised as fulfilling children’s aesthetic needs, encouraging their imagination, and reinforcing their identification with nature.

Additionally, we utilize every space of our outdoor area to meet the needs of the whole child. We have created a beautiful, nature based, outdoor environment that is rich in sensory experiences and child initiated exploration. The children will be free to explore and create as they immerse themselves in the natural elements of the outdoors. The outdoor environment acts as an additional classroom exploring the importance of natural, real materials. In addition, we maintain an edible garden which is filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables and a chicken coop with 6 hens that the children will have responsibility and ownership of, from which we are able to indulge in rich learning experiences surrounding the life cycles of the earth, how to maintain and care for living things, and how to utilize natural foods creatively for the sustenance of our bodies.

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